By Mary Onsunlusi February 2020, marks another month of loss for the Hollywood music industry as it mourns the passing
One would ordinarily assume that with each new generation that comes on board, there is bound to be a
By Mary OnsunlusiPopular K-pop boy group, Monsta X, have released their first album after so many years. The All-English
The last 3 months has seen a tense struggle between the American firm Motorola and the Chinese owned firm
It's been at least a couple years since the Ketogenic diet, better known as the Keto diet, hit airwaves
By Kirti Mechndiratta In today’s era, millennials are becoming more goal-oriented. Being a youngling, it is a tough learning curve
By Mary Onsolusi Apex Legend has always been a fan favorite when it comes to free-to-play battle royale games. It
At this point, there is much to be seen from every awards show throughout the year, but The 2020