Fans React On Weply’s Recent Customer Services

Fans React On Weply’s Recent Customer Services

If you are a BTS fan, you surely would have noticed a few glitches in Weply’s services lately. Users have taken to the internet to express their dissatisfaction on the recent activities of the merch site.

Weply has been frequently mentioned on social media platforms and other online platforms with complaints and negative comments regarding customer satisfaction.

Weply is a new merch store and therefore, might not yet have all of its services perfectly placed, which of course, would have been a good excuse if the problem was just the services, but it is not.

Recently, fans have been returning their BTS tickets due to pre-registration issues. After BigHit Entertainment made known its plans for a lottery system for international concerts, getting tickets have become extremely difficult. Users most especially international fans have made several missteps in the process, which caused some fans to return their tickets.

Registration has become another cause for concern. Initially, international fans were not required to include their middle name in the membership ID during registration, recently,

Weply released an announcement saying that members without middle names on their membership ID would be unable to purchase tickets. Some fans went on to update their membership ID with their middle name but it did not reflect. On July 14, 2019, Weply deleted this announcement about the membership registration, which left fans confused and wondering if Weply has it’s policies figured out.

After the announcement, fans were confused about whether they will be allowed into the venue or not. Will they have to create new memberships? Nobody knows. As fans await an official announcement from Weply, more people are gradually losing interest and have started returning their tickets.

“I had the same problem. I won, and I already bought my ticket on inter park, but my friend told me that I had to put my middle name which i didn’t. I messaged Weply, and they said i couldn’t edit it since it was over. Anyways I canceled my concert ticket because of that,” wrote a fan on Twitter.

So you probably have your middle name on your membership ID, well, you are not yet safe especially if you are considering placing an order for merchandise. Weply’s shipping fee has caused a violent stir amongst fans, as is seen as extravagant and inconsiderate. Weply shipping fees, especially to international fans, are at a high fixed rate—even more expensive than the membership itself. This action has sparked unrest amongst BTS fans.

Some of their comments are;

“So, I want to buy BTS merch on Weply, and when I went to checkout, the shipping cost popped up over $100?? I’m confused. Even if it is international, the shipping costs more than I expected” said a fan on Reddit

“Upvoting because I had the same issue. I live in Los Angeles, and I wanted to get the Army Membership back in October, but the shipping cost more than the membership. 😭” Lamented another fan on the same platform, not to talk of the seriousness of complaints and outbursts made on Twitter about the shipping fees.

Fans are therefore waiting on Weply to make necessary adjustments to their services.

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