Fashion in 2020 and What The Future Will Look Like?

Fashion in 2020 and What The Future Will Look Like?

2020: it still sounds unfathomably futuristic, but is only a couple of short months away from happening. So let’s look at the styles trending in our space odyssey!


Still growing in 2020 is the craze for techwear. Techwear is a primarily practical trend, favored by trades, such as construction workers, bicycle couriers, and security guards. It is cozy clothing, for those whom comfort is king – but who don’t want to turn into a grandad just yet!

Techwear fuses style and utility together and gets the best performance possible from your clothing. Think the Nike SF- AF1; rain shoes which are effortlessly waterproof but also protect feet from the onslaught of the winter weather.

Just be insulated against the shock of the price-tag, because techwear does not come cheap!


You have probably noticed an outbreak of confused people walking about looking like they’ve been evicted from the gym; welcome to the world of athleisure wear! The trend has been with us for some time but is currently hitting epidemic proportions, and it still isn’t over yet!

So if you see someone on the high street looking as if they’ve just fallen off a ropewalk, they are in actual fact, following fashion. Athleisure wear is about comfort and practicality. The good news for girls who hate heels is that sneakers are more fashionable than ever in 2020, and loose, comfortable workout wear is on the up. To achieve the effortlessly casual just-run-a-marathon-and-it-was-no-biggie look, you should aim to layer up at all times.

There is no hard and fast rules to acing a healthy lifestyle image, as with every trend of 2020, it is up to your imagination where you want to go. Play it safe with baggy jogger pants and an oversized hoodie, or get creative with a crop top and long, loose sleeves combi. It’s your call.


Bad news, the eighties called and they want their glitter pants back. But, on the plus side, if you never got the chance to try shoulder pads first time around, then here’s your opportunity! From glitter and glam to shiny asymmetrical outfits, all delivered in high gloss, the eighties were never knowingly undersold and they’re going to do it all again – this time with taste.


The omnipresent march of grey/silver tones will continue well into 2020, with grey or silver still being heavily preferred by many. This versatile color will match with virtually everything and anything you want to pair it with, so what’s not to like? And whereas monochrome is still big into 2020, there is good news for color lovers; after years of mooching about in black and grey, bright hues are back. 

Neon is particularly fashionable for 2020 and electric blue is big, as are all other bold primary colors. But it’s not just the big and the bright, softer shades are also trending into 2020 – with the passion for coral becoming particularly notable and tones like mint gaining precedence.


The best thing about clothing trends in the 21st century is it is so much more personalized than in previous eras. It’s not wearing fashion like a uniform –but mixing it up to make it your own; have fun!

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