The most exciting innovations are the ones that you never saw coming and the love affair between fashion and tech is surely a prime example of this.

Even a few years ago, the idea of the impetuous world of fashion going steady with the rather more serious minded world of tech would have seemed unlikely, but now, technology and fashion are becoming fused together like never before.

So what might the future look like? Let’s start by looking at some of the designs already out there!

Google Glass

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Now, don’t start laughing. We know that this was all the rage a few years ago – or not as the case quickly transpired.

Yes, in 2013 Google launched its great new hope, the Explorer Version, for sale direct to consumers. But its price tag ($1500) proved too prohibitive for many. It was discontinued in 2015, but this is not the end of the story.

Although the world was not quite ready to don interactive glasses to displaying updates like the weather, phone calls and so on in real time and vision, it did not mean that there was no potential for the idea.

When we think about the history of human innovation, it is littered with first attempts that weren’t quite right.

Adams Motor Car

One such prototype that did not immediately catch on was the motor car.

Automobiles first arrived at the turn of the twentieth century, but not to universal acclaim. They were too expensive, didn’t work properly and the tires always needed pumping.

It would take Henry Ford and several years of hard work to refine the design until it became something affordable and reliable enough for the general public to become interested in.

Bearing this in mind, perhaps we should not write off Google Glass just yet. The technology is still being developed, although not for sale directly to consumers. This version is being targeted at industrial and professional use in the workplace.

Smart Watches

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You might be surprised to learn that it was actually your grandparents’ generation who witnessed the release of the first smart watch – back in 1972.

This was  the 18 carat gold Pulsar, made by the Hamilton Watch Co and it went on sale for $2100 (about $12,300+ today!)

Today we have the Apple Watch, amongst other brands.  Although being beautifully designed in their initial incarnation, they too may have seemed a little overpriced to begin with.

However, price tags shrink considerably when an innovation starts to catch on and we can definitely see a time when gadgets such as the smart watch and other pieces of wearable technology, take over from the smart phone – so watch this space!

3d Printing

 Can you imagine a future with no stores? Okay, perhaps not totally, but with the advent of 3 D printing, allowing for personalization and smart designs which are created to fit you individually, we may be getting to the end of the rail for the off the peg designs.

And you can print just about anything, from these. Just one example of what is possible is the Adidas Futurecraft – a 3D printable sneaker.

Now, we know that maybe we are not about to witness the end of the high street as we know it just yet, but we do think that eventually this will be the future of fashion and ultimately, of all retail!

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