How Millennials being Impatient is a Good Thing For Business

How Millennials being Impatient is a Good Thing For Business

Wherever you go out in the world, employers are united in the belief that millennials make impatient employees. The inference is that this is something undesirable and a trait that needs to be eradicated. But is it – and are they?


This may be a hard thing to take on board, but if you are between 18-34 and your workplace is mainly full of generation Xers, or boomers, then they are probably whispering about you.

It is more than likely that either you, either as an individual or maybe as a cohort, has been singled out for criticism by your workplace elders. To put it bluntly, they think that you are lazy and entitled.

Millennials have a reputation for being hard to please and expecting instantaneous results. It is perceived that, they are not willing to take on apprentice roles and work their way up.

But is this fair, and is it even true?


Criticisms of the millennial generation center around their entitlement and impatience.

Millennials are seen by many as the entitled generation, mainly because their list of expectations is so much larger than other age groups in the workplace.

Above other generations, they prioritize a high salary, as well as the right workplace culture. They expect instant results and demand feedback from bosses and managers who cannot always cope with their (seemingly) incessant need for immediate validation.

Millennials are more prone to change jobs than other age groups in the workplace; 21% have changed jobs in the previous year, making them three times more likely than other generations to do so.

But what if there were another way of looking at it? If we flip a coin we might see a virtue; ambition.

The young worker who is frustrated by outdated technology, or a lack of career progression is fiercely ambitious and determined.

Remember, this is a generation that has been brought up to expect to conduct every facet of life right now. They take for granted that technology should be up to date and working. So when they come across a workplace that seems to function poorly, due to bad communication or management, they are bothered by it.

The plus side to impatience is a desire to improve and make things better. And younger workers certainly know how to do that!


There are plenty of examples of millennials who have already made their mark on the world, by virtue of their impatience. Just one example is Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. He was frustrated with existing social media platforms and set about creating something new.

So, whereas there is more than a grain of truth in the charge that millennials are demanding and impatient, this is not an automatically bad thing.

Innovation and energy are what businesses thrive on, and organizations simply need to find a way of harnessing this potential – before it walks away!

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