Millennials and Cannabis: Weed Over Booze Generation

Millennials and Cannabis: Weed Over Booze Generation

Millennials and Cannabis: Weed Over Booze Generation

The generation that fought for legalization of cannabis, millennials and cannabis are rooted in history. What’s more, we may bring an end to Federal Marijuana Prohibition! That’s why we’ve a whole lot to say when it comes to the benefits of cannabis. In this age where micro-dosing is nothing more than a techy-trick, you have to choose weed over booze. If you or anyone you know uses cannabis, this is a must-read post to understand the psyche of millennial stoners.

What is Cannabis?

Pot is the most appraised mainstream trend now. Why wouldn’t it be? Cannabis has a robust history of 10,000 years!

Also called Weed, Marijuana, Ganja and even Stuff when you want to deviate attention, cannabis is a plant as well as the psychoactive drug inside it. Depending on the presence and percentage of THC in the cannabis strain, it can create euphoric and pain relieving effects. It is derived from the buds of the plant to be smoke or processed for consumption.

Learn all about the glaring truths of how marijuana use is affecting millennials.

What’s with Millennials and Cannabis? Why Weed Over Booze?

Guess the percentage of millennials who would love nothing more than legal marijuana? 84%! And how many millennials smoke pot? Over 52%! To quote the stats, over 55 million adults use marijuana and 35 million use it regularly. In short, 22% of U.S population uses weed. That’s 1 in 4 Americans!

The most important question of the hour is why do millennials actually use cannabis? What do they want from marijuana?

1.    Cheaper Than Booze

In most places, scoring pot is a bargain compared to spending money on beers. You will end up spending less money on weed than booze if you’re not stubborn about the quality of the strain. As quoted by a millennial on Bustle, $50 worth of weed lasts her a few months.

Legalization has made pot cheaper and accessible today. In short, getting high is way cheaper than getting drunk at the end of your workday. Let’s give you more specifics. Annual alcohol consumption is $165 per user against $20 per user for cannabis according to British Columbia Mental Health and Addictions Journal.

2.    Overdose of Alcohol Vs Marijuana

Quick question, have you ever puked from smoking too much? We bet you’ve puked at least once after a long night of drinking! That’s the truth. Even if you smoke a 100 joints a day, you won’t die. On the other hand, 21 shots in one-sitting can definitely kill you! You have to smoke up to 1113 joints in a day to overdose. Even then, no one has yet died of marijuana!

According to the Center for Disease Prevention, 30,000 people die annually because of alcohol related problems while zero people die due to marijuana use. The mortality risk of alcohol is 113 times more than marijuana!

3.    Violent Tendencies of Alcohol against Marijuana

Do you know alcohol causes more crime than cannabis? According to a study on marijuana users, marijuana using couples had low rate of domestic violence with the male marijuana users least likely to inflict domestic violence!

Alcohol promotes aggression while cannabis does not. Domestic abuse post drinking is a common nuisance in every society. Millennials understand that the right reasons that marijuana does not lead to reckless behaviour as often as alcohol.

4.    Better For Pain Management

Truth be told, statistics quote over 93% of millennials say they prefer cannabis to opioid pain killers. Prescription opioids has swept away a wonderful generation of people from the quench for living. Millennials are fighting against addiction opioid meds and proactively opting for medical grade marijuana.

There are strains of marijuana that specifically give you tranquillity and pain relief without psychedelic trips if pain management is your focus. Unlike opioids, marijuana does not create addiction hormones in the brain. When THC is ingested, it automatically activates the cannabinoid receptors that reduces your pain and creates a mild euphoria (depending on the strain!).   

5.    Safer Than Booze

Over 88% of millennials strongly believe marijuana is safer than alcohol. We all know how pot has a lesser body load than alcohol. You don’t have to deal with hangovers or embarrassing passouts. You might think weed is addictive, but the reality is that physical problems due to alcohol are drastic than long term use of smoking up. You might even suffer disability with alcohol, more than that of cannabis.

To highlight how deadly alcohol really is, using 10x times your usual dose of alcohol can kill you, according to American Scientist. Alcohol poisoning alone kills 1,600 US citizens per year. Coming to health costs for treating alcohol related diseases are 8x more than for marijuana users.


Recreational cannabis is booming but so is medical cannabis. Up to 86% of millennials believe in the healing powers of marijuana.

With all the positive sides of cannabis talked about, we have to stress there are negative parts to cannabis use too. From memory loss to brain cell death and altered consciousness, there are many things that can come from addictive use of anything including marijuana.

Talk to us about the things you are wondering about millennials and cannabis in the comments below.

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