Millennials and Their Sex Life

Millennials and Their Sex Life


Now that we have got your attention, can we have a word?

Because there’s something that’s troubling us and that is the thorny issue of millennials’ and sex.

Or lack of any. Because if the headlines are to be believed, then it would seem that today’s young people are experiencing something of a drought in this direction. Maybe even a desert!

Apparently, millennials are getting less nookie than their parents’ did back in the day. In some cases, they’re getting less than their grandparents do. Now.

But, hang on, these claims of abstinence seem at odds with that other staple of millennial existence – the hook up. It would seem that millennials can’t get enough of meeting strangers for drinks and um pleasure.

Yet confusingly, we are told this generation is losing interest in intercourse due to their hang ups about bad experiences.

All cannot possibly be true – so which is it?


A 2015 survey by Dr Jean Twenge revealed that millennials to be substantially less frisky than their parents’ were. The reasons given for this “sexual recession” are manifold;


Student loans, making progress in their career and money worries are blamed for young people having less sex or even relationships.

Social media and images of perfection contribute to young peoples’ feeling of shame about their bodies and general inadequacy.


Ironically, the availability of porn has also been attributed to the sex drought that millennials allegedly face. This is because it creates a false expectation of perfection that many feel they cannot live up to.


Fewer millennials are opting for traditional relationships with more are choosing to be single. This also applies to satisfying their carnal desires – with the availability of porn and sex toys at an all-time high, there’s never been a better time to indulge in some self-love!


Once again, technology is blamed for millennials apparent lack of libido. It seems texting, surfing and chatting on social media is just more tempting than striking up actual real life meaningful interactions are.


What’s worse than no sex? Bad sex. And this is apparently the reason for millennials alleged disdain of the carnal universe.

Young adults are more likely to try different types of sex than their parents’ generation; but it isn’t all good news.

The rise of porn has been blamed for the bad sex phenomenon with more millennials saying they have tried BDSM and anal sex (40% compared with 20% of Gen Xers). However 72% of women found it painful and it may be these bad experiences which are putting millennials off sex.


It seems that millennials are simultaneously more frigid but also more promiscuous than previous generations.

The rise and rise of the ‘hook up’ (or one night stand) has been attributed to the use of dating apps. It seems that it is now the standard way for young people to meet one another – although this has also been cited in a reason for millennials having less sex, due to the difficult nature of finding a match.

It remains to be seen whether this generation will eventually tire of the casual sex scene and go into more long term relationships, but for better or worse the hook up isn’t going away anytime soon!


  • WANKERS: Millennials are masturbating furiously compared to the early nineties, with over half of all men stating they relieved themselves at least once a week. The rate of women saying they regularly masturbated has also trebled to just over a quarter in the  past two decades.
  • PAIN IN THE ASS: Women are markedly not enjoying anal sex or indeed any sex involving penetration. A study revealed 72% of millennial women found it painful, with 30% experiencing discomfort in vaginal sex.
  • LIKE A VIRGIN: 15% of younger American millennials aged 20-24 haven’t had intercourse since the age of 18 – more than double the number of their parents’ generation. Furthermore almost half of 20-30 year old’s haven’t done it in the last twelve months and only a tiny fraction (7%) of them do it more than twice a week.
  • KEEP IT CASUAL: With between 60-80% of students saying they have had a hook up of some sort, it seems that the ‘hook up’ culture is replacing traditional dating on American campuses. However only one in 5 students do so on a regular basis.
  • COLD FEET: Little over a quarter of millennials are married, according to one survey in 2014, as many eschew marriage in favor of singledom or other relationships.
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