Monsta X Tops Billboard After A Very Long Break Post Departure of a Band Member

Monsta X Tops Billboard After A Very Long Break Post Departure of a Band Member

By Mary Onsunlusi

Popular K-pop boy group, Monsta X, have released their first album after so many years. The All-English song collection, All About Luv, is their first release since the departure of their former group member, Wonho, in October 2019.

The South Korean boy band caught us unaware this time. Not because the boy-band had their album launch party in the US–No. But they gave us a collection utterly different from what the K-pop music has always offered.

The album, which was released on Feb. 14 to celebrate love from fans and well-wishers, has since been topping the Billboard charts. Much than showing love to fans who’ve stood by the band amidst their scandals, All About Luv also touched several aspects of everyday life, giving it an overwhelming mix of sentiments and emotions.

While fans are still trying to catch their breaths from the awesomeness of the love-filled album, Monsta X initiated a Q & A session tagged #AskMonstaX which turned out to be one of the most trending hashtags on Twitter that night. The now-six-member K-Pop group wants to hear it all from their fans.

Fans took hold of this opportunity to express their love for the members of the group and the released album. Support and admiration for the K-Pop band filled Twitter as a fan took to Twitter to engage in the Q & A session. One of the fans tweeted;

“Not a question, but I want you to know that the real monbebes will be here to support you any way we can. I hope you know that the album is a masterpiece; it sounds just like heaven!!! I love you” @jookiheon

Monsta X welcomed questions from fans not only on the newly released songs but also some personal matters as well. The K-Pop band answered questions via a video where individual questions and who asked the question tagged to the post. The setting was casual as the K-Pop band were in casual outfits sitting around a couch holding placards shaped like a phone and other icons as they passed questions around to each other and answered just like they would to a friend they met up with at the park.

The #AskMonstaX session showed the love they had for their fans and appreciation for their support.

Some other questions from fans range from celebrity crushes to their weirdest curiosities.

A fan @dopaminhyuka asked, “Do you sing in the shower” using the #AskMonstaX to which most of the responses were a yes.

The #AskMonstaX session opened our eyes to the passion the South-Korean singing group has for music, even in the little things that they do.

Another Fan’s comment which is worthy of mention is:

@legofroggo: “If you had a superpower, what would it be? Marvel wants to know” #AskMonstaX.

The K-Pop group all agreed on invisibility. But why would a group like Monsta X surrounded by admiration of fans go with a superpower such as invisibility? Does it mean they are not happy with an extraordinary life filled with paparazzi and fans? Does it have any connection with a member of the group that left due to anxiety problems? This choice raises a lot of questions about how content the K-Pop group is with their life as stars.

The K-pop stars also faced questions like what their favorite song was in the album to which they all had different answers. Middle of the Night, She’s the One, You Can’t Hold my Heart, and Misbehave were their top choices.

It is evident that Monsta X intentionally released All About Luv on Valentine’s Day. Despite the twists and turns the band has faced due to scandals that threatened the sustainability of the band, they still give it their best. The success of the album shows that the K-Pop group is ready for whatever comes their way.

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