Motorola, Edges out Hytera after a 3-Month Long Court Battle, Gets $764.6 Million as Compensation

Motorola, Edges out Hytera after a 3-Month Long Court Battle, Gets $764.6 Million as Compensation

The last 3 months has seen a tense struggle between the American firm Motorola and the Chinese owned firm Hytera. They have been locked in a bitter legal battle, as Motorola accuses Hytera of stealing highly sensitive information and using that information for perfecting their two-way radio technology.

Although a verdict has been reached by the jury already, a considerable percentage of the public still seem to be at loss at what really transpired between these companies. Here is what you need to know.

Motorola Alleges That Hytera Stole Their Technology

Motorola and Hytera had traded serious words with one another in the courtroom over the past three months, with Motorola accusing the later of stealing their technology and using it to make their own radios. Obviously, Hytera had recruited a couple of top engineers who used to work for Motorola. According to Motorola, these engineers were manipulated by Hytera into divulging some highly classified information that were assumed to have been patented by Motorola.

The case was so tense that the lawyers representing Motorola talked about their plans to secure an order that would prevent people from purchasing Hytera radio in America, since they claim that the walkie-talkies were all a product of their source codes and trade secrets.

Hytera’s Side of The Story

The lawyers representing Hytera Communications Corporation expressed sheer disappointment in the way the case has been handled so far. According to them, the whole thing was all a fabrication by Motorola, even though Motorola had tendered several proofs that Hytera was guilty as charged.

Hytera had argued that every technology used in producing their 2-way radios was as a result of their own intellectual property. However, while Hytera seemed to be displeased by the verdict, they have agreed to respect the ruling, and pursue an appeal at the Appeal court.

A Huge Compensation

Hytera were bitter by the verdict because they are now expected to pay Motorola a huge sum of about $764.6 million for damages and compensation. Motorola has praised the verdict and has reassured Americans that this was the true meaning of justice. It was not an easy decision for the jurors to reach as it took them almost 2hrs 30mins to come to a verdict following a 3-month trial.

The fine was deservedly so because Motorola said they have spent a great deal of time investing on how the next generation of two-way communication radios were going to function. But from the look of things, they seem to have lost all of that investing to Hytera.


Copyright infringement is a serious offense anywhere in the world, and for Hytera to have infringed on Motorola’ patent in this regard, as decided by the court, was a very wrong thing to do. We hope the battle between the two radio communications giants ends well, even as Hytera Communications Corporation looks forward to appealing the verdict as soon as possible.

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