Breakdown of Super Bowl 54

Breakdown of Super Bowl 54

Super Bowl 54 was just as exciting as we hoped. From the 20-10 comeback, to the amazing commercials, and the diva packed halftime show! As the only person going for the 49ers at the MillennialTalks watch party, I certainly was on the edge of my seat the whole game. But the game wasn’t the only thing that came with excitement, the Super Bowl is the most watched program every year because of the culture they’ve created with intense multi million dollar commercials and performers who are compared to some of the greats that’ve done halftime shows before- like Michael and Janet Jackson, Prince, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga to name a few. So let’s breakdown those three aspects of this year’s super bowl.  

  The Game 

Kansas City went into this game with a lot of weight on their shoulders. Head Coach Andy Reid won his 222 second game Sunday, he stands as the 6th most winning coach in NFL history, but despite that last night was his first Super Bowl win. In fact, Reid was the only coach ranked that high in history to have never won a Super Bowl, so for him this title was a long time coming. And our MVP Patrick Mahomes was electric, Mahomes played from behind each and every week in the playoffs. In the Divisional round playoff he was down 24-0 against the Texans, in the Conference he was down 17-7 to the Titans in the second quarter, and he was down 20-10 against the niners, but he never gave up! It’s hard to believe the 24 year old young man from Tyler, Texas has only been in the league for two years. But with his ability to find a way to victory on the back of a deficit was incredible. Truly, this team was a second half football team this postseason. To get the win last night, the defense held Jimmy G to 0 points in the fourth quarter, which is a lot easier said then down. The defense forced two interceptions and applied overwhelming pressure to force a punt and a turnover in the last two 49er drives. Statistically, the Chiefs made a statement with 397 yards and three Mahomes touchdowns (one rushing) to San Francisco’s 351 and two touchdowns.  For the coach who deserved it arguably more than anyone, and the Quarterback who wanted it more than anyone, and the city that hadn’t seen a title since 1970- it is with determination and perseverance that the Kansas City Chiefs are your Super Bowl 54 champions. 

Halftime Show 

So most people were super thrilled when we heard Jay Lo and Shakira would be greeting us with some latina magic at halftime- and it was lit! So a lot happened at Halftime. Shakira started with a Hola Miami to set the stage for her dance moves which was a big part of the performance, truly her hips did not lie. Jay Lo and Shakira planned hard for the show because of their blending of two different styles, and they rocked it. And don’t forget that Jay Lo is old enough to be your mom at 50 years old. Speaking of mom’s, Jay Lo’s daughter Emme Muniz led a whole children’s choir during the performance making her a possible prospect for stardom like her mom. And to back the culture Lawrence supported Puerto Rico with a jacket that included the flag of Puerto Rico. Don’t forget about the other celebs Bad Bunny and Jay Balvin who hit the floor too! The scene and graphics were very aesthetic as well- it featured a major display of fluorescent lights and a floor that seemingly shattered with Earth beneath the feet of the performers. Twitter nation was quick to express love for the show and how well everyone did in rocking the stage. 


We all hate commercials on a regular day, but on Super Bowl night they compete for being just as entertaining as the actual game. Where do we start, so the commercials this year were very intriguing. We had throwback celebs like Missy Elliot and MC Hammer to new school artists like H.E.R and NAS X. The companies clearly went all out for these commercials, which is no surprise as the super bowl is the biggest night for it. The price tag this year was a grand 5.6 million for just 30 seconds. Yes, 11 million dollars for each minute was the bargain, so going big or going home are the stakes for the most expensive night to air a commercial in America. And considering the ongoing presidential race, we even had the commercials get political featuring  the president and 2020 hopeful Mike Bloomberg doing commercials. Here’s a best and worst from FOX as well as a funniest on youtube 

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