Top 5 majors for Millennials in 2020

Top 5 majors for Millennials in 2020

By Kirti Mechndiratta

In today’s era, millennials are becoming more goal-oriented. Being a youngling, it is a tough learning curve to choose the majors that will suit their interests and set them up for a plum job after a bachelor’s degree.

Most of the Millennials want to do something unique with the help of the best-available career options to choose from. Every youngster desires to relish his/her passion following long-term career growth. Let’s throw light on five majors in 2020 to eliminate your dilemma while making a pick for majors:

1. Business AdministrationBusiness as majors is on the roll and highly opted area for good reasons. It is sought-after by the millennials for its creative and versatile nature. This field of education helps in finding out-of-the-box talent.

Millennials who choose business as their majors get exposure to enormous study areas such as Accounting, Marketing, Finance, International Business, Business ethics, law, and management. Today’s entrepreneurs are living examples to showcase the worth and practicality of this discipline as majors.

2. Information Science and TechnologyWith Information Technology having a strong influence in every field, this discipline is gaining ground among the Millennials. It has a widespread reach and this field offers job opportunities in creating innovative designs for algorithms, programming languages, applications, software development and many more.

Choosing such a discipline also shows promising job growth. It also boasts of a good starting salary package of around $66,000. You must be a tech wiz who is quite passionate about designing applications and software while choosing it as majors.

3. Environmental Science – Planet Earth is already gaining huge media attention to take effective measures against global warming, ban plastic use, and save wildlife from extreme pollution and its hazards.

Environmental Science opens various gates for millennials to preserve the Earth’s environment and leave a positive impact on the upcoming generation. This discipline will help them be more socially responsible while earning a respectable salary. Millennials can commence their career path as an oceanographer, environmental scientist, environmental engineer, or geoscientist.

4. Nutrition and Dietetics – In such a fast-paced world, individuals of all age groups aren’t having ample time to focus on their health. So, they prefer hiring dieticians or nutritional specialists to design nutritional plans for them.

While opting for this stream as majors, Millennials will study diet design, health-related diet plans, client education, and food preparation on a commercial level. Therefore, these dietary lessons will help them in boosting their career growth and set nutritional plans for hospitals, celebrities, schools, hotels, and many other places.

5. Media – Just like the above-discussed majors are in trend, media is popular for its cultural insight and innovative ingenuity. Due to the advent of digital marketing, millennials are deviating more towards social media, journalism, television, writing, publishing, creating video, radio, and more.

As one of the most popular majors, they strive to pull off their bountiful art in a digital way and market things that stand out from the crowd and leave a long-lasting impression.

While making a pick, it is significant to pursue an education in the discipline that won’t leave you jobless during times like recession.

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