Toxic Relationships Among Millennials

Toxic Relationships Among Millennials

Millennials are running scared from the traditional relationships, or so at least the theory goes. And when they do have them, they’re not always the best.

Whilst there are many fine examples of young love out there, bad romance not only abounds, but is abetted by technology. Here’s how to spot if you’re in a toxic relationship;


Millennials are idealists, constantly seeking perfection. But unrealistic expectations are toxic to your relationship.

With Facebook whispering in your ear that your friends’ relationships are all better than yours, the pressure to compete leads to insecurity and dissatisfaction.

Although a toxic romance may be kept on life support by injecting cash, throwing money at a bad relationship will never resuscitate it.  


So you were an ass and sexted an ex last Valentine’s and it is brought up in every argument you ever have?

But never mind, because you remind him of the time he accidentally ran over the dog – two wrongs make a right, huh?

Well, no!  If you are both keeping a score, then your relationship is in a quicksand and needs to be dug out fast!


There’s a difference between communication and manipulation, and for most people that’s around the sixth text message.

It’s nice when someone cares,  but not when they’re bombarding you with electronic missives.

So if you are subjected to the Spanish Inquisition by text, then it’s time to ask some questions of your own.


Probably the biggest red flag of them all is a partner who snoops. If your other half constantly wants to know your whereabouts, this sounds the alarm bells.

It should be okay to go out without providing a zip code and an inventory of every person you speak to.

Taking an interest in one thing, stalking is another!


Something nearly every toxic relationship has in common is isolation. This is the endgame of a controlling partner. The object is to keep you to themselves, to the exclusion of all others.

So, beware anyone who regularly guilts you into canceling plans  or makes your friends unwelcome.


Remember, being with someone is supposed to be fun!

Relationships go through bad patches, but if it’s all pain no gain then you need to ask yourself why.

We know the path to true love never runs smooth, but it shouldn’t be like paddling an inflatable up Niagara Falls either!

And take heart, despite all the casual sex, commitment-phobes and manipulators, something better is out there!


  • The average millennial relationship lasts 4.2 years.
  • The average the age for millennial marriage is 29.2 for a woman and 30.9 for a man.
  • 29% millennials say that they can’t afford to marry yet.
  • 26% millennials state they haven’t found the right person yet.
  • 26% millennials say they’re too young to settle down.
  • Millennials are in general more skeptical of marriage than their parents’ were.
  • Millennial women are more likely to prioritize career over marriage.
  • Millennial females are likely to complain their partner is not committed enough for marriage or a long term relationship.
  • 8% of millennials in relationships have found their partner’s social media usage upsetting.
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