Where is Warren: The Media Exclusion

Where is Warren: The Media Exclusion

By Veronika Fomina

Elizabeth Warren–the Democratic candidate we would dedicate this article to–because due to the past events there cannot be too much of media coverage she deserves.

The Internet is blown up by indignant supporters of Elizabeth Warren fighting for the fair and equal media coverage of male as well as female candidates after an obvious case of her exclusion.

Media Mistakes Have Been Made

NBC News and The Wall Street Journal have made a crucial mistake or an intended decision to exclude Elizabeth Warren from the polls, potential 2020 match-ups, on national TV. Notwithstanding the success of her candidacy. The polls published by the same media sources prove the unspoken achievements of Warren’s campaign and the rise of solid support of her nomination. Yet, media has decided to exclude her.
This indicates the absence of fair and balanced journalism, which is a prerequisite of democracy. The irony lies in the manipulation of media coverage happening within the times of Democratic elections seems. That issue definitely should be on the to-do list of the next American President.

The Trend of Sexism

The election race keeps the fire burning, not letting us get bored for a minute. It is that exciting time of the year when American citizens have their chance for a change – the time of a crucial choice of a candidate, the future Mr. or Mrs. President. Ironically, a number of issues America should be choosing the leader to fight against are arising as a part of Democratic election processes. One of which is The Sexism with a bold capital S. The Sexism that is still prospering not only in the U.S., but globally–Right after we only started to feel it slowly disappearing.

Women are forced to fight the gender prejudice and criticism within any competitive environment, That surely makes it more challenging if not decreases their chances to win. Furthermore, they are even deprived of fair media coverage of those women fighting the gender discrimination and keep fighting despite it.

Compared to Bloomberg with the billions ready to be spent on campaign, Warren is struggling with the funding of her candidacy. It is obviously tougher for an underestimated woman to fight through gender discrimination while struggling financially. However, looking at her numbers raised, one can be sure–she is going to reach her goal of fundraising (which is 7 million U.S. dollars as she might have asked for) by the time of
Nevada caucuses.

Benefits of Discrimination

The consequences backfired as strongly as powerful the offense was. Supporters rise and encourage each other to fight for the #PresidentWarren by bringing in the power of social media. Kudos to Warren’s followers for changing the media game and bringing the hashtags along with the media presence to the top ratings. All of this after the incident might be the crucial incident of her campaign recently. This only proves the power of the online forces.

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