Why Are Suicide Rates Soaring Amongst Millennials?

Why Are Suicide Rates Soaring Amongst Millennials?

Why Are Suicide Rates Soaring Amongst Millennials?

Do you know on a whole, suicide rates for young people grew by 56% in the last ten years? Truth be told, suicide is the second leading cause of death among millennials. It’s worse for Gen Z as it is the leading cause of death for people younger than use! If you want to find out what are the specific reasons why suicide is soaring amongst millennials and how to combat it, start scrolling …

Truth about Suicide Rates in Millennials

Why Are Suicide Rates Soaring Amongst Millennials?

In 2017, the highest number of deaths in 25- 34 age group was suicide at 7,948 while 5,488 people were killed by homicide. If you’re shocked, take a deep breath and calm down. We are going to find out the reasons for suicide rates soaring amongst millennials. If you find a familiar reason below, do read till the end to find out the perfect solutions that worked for me and several others.

1.    Financial Trouble

As a millennial, if you have mountain-high debts and credit card bills, you are in trouble. Moreover, for some of us the urgency of the situation might be immediate and threatening.

The truth is suicide rates soar among financially distressed people. Severe debt can take people to the edge of suicide. One of the grave proofs of this is the crash of Wall Street in 1929 when suicide rates rose from 17 to 21.3 within three years. Hence, financial woes can defeat hope for many.

2.    Anger and Frustration

One of the commonest definition of suicide is frustrated psyche needs that are not met. According to American Bar Association, anger, rage and revenge include warning signs of suicidal. But, this research shows how perceived burdensomeness has a direct relation to suicidal ideations.

Periodic rage intensified suicidal thoughts. You won’t go ahead and do it right away; but, little by little those thoughts will lead you to suicide. Repressed anger is another popular cause of suicidal thoughts. Often, a suicidal person is described as someone without any outlet of anger. Does this happen to you?

3.    Mental Health Problems and Trauma

Do you know over half of the millennials have quit a job due to mental health problems? With over 47% of millennials clinically depressed, there are many undercurrents to the suicide rates soaring amongst millennials. But what does mental health and stress have to do with soaring suicide rates? Untreated mental illness adds heftily to soaring suicide rates.

The truth be told, over 46% of people who kill themselves had a known mental health condition. It just means you are susceptible more than others to stress and trauma.  

4.    Rock Bottom and Stress adding to Suicide in Millennials

When you hit rock-bottom, you either give up or move up. The truth is, people who get up from rock bottom, the risk of suicide also declines. It might be shocking, but statistics show that 3 in 5 millennials are stressed out!

When over 67,000 college students were interviewed about stress and suicide, 20% responded with stress adding to suicidal thoughts.

Stress is actually scientifically proven to trigger suicide, mostly in vulnerable people. In short, if you have mental health problems, stress can be lethal for you. To recognize stress, read these posts on stressed out millennials and solutions for stressed-out millennials.

5.    Alcohol and Drug OD 

Statistics show while suicide increased by 35%, drug induced overdose rose by 108%. In case of Alcohol, the suicide rates doubled with up to 69% alcohol induced deaths!

Amongst millennials, availability of drugs and dependency on alcohol has clearly spiked over the past decade. In fact, opioid overdose death has increased by 500% in the last 20 years and synthetic opioid deaths by 6000%! Part of the epidemic has to do with pharmaceutically prescribed pain meds like opioids.

Apart from the above reasons, some others that add to millennials suicides we haven’t discussed are family history or genetics, firearms access, chronic physical illness, gender and tragedy. More on it soon!

5 Ways to Help If You’re a Millennial Feeling Suicidal

To tell you the truth, suicide is not just affecting millennials. It is the 10th leading cause of death among people of all ages. While over 24% of millennials believe they can get better with self-help, very few try.

Personally, I have battled my demons of suicide too. That’s why I want to help you the best I can with ways for self-help that worked for me. Won’t you try?

·      Don’t Be Alone for A Week

The first thing you need to do is to get someone to be with you until you are rehabilitated. You can get busy, but it is better to get a Roommate or a Pet. It will help you appreciate the essence of life and company.  

·      Talk To Best Friends, Spouse Or Mom

Friendship can help a person recover their mental health. If you’re suicidal, talk to your BFF or family. Talking and sharing your thoughts about self-destruction with a dear one will help you understand how to navigate through it. You get a fresh pair of eyes!

·      Join A Suicide Support Group

Support groups can help to decrease loneliness, hopelessness and depression. In turn, it can make your thoughts positive when you meet and discuss your problems with people like you. It helps you accept your own psyche and how to better yourself through ways others have tried out. Most support groups are close-knit with full privacy.

·      Join Facebook Suicide Prevention Group

The best way to find help or even awareness about your suicidal thoughts is by talking to people like you. Facebook offers an easy medium to talk to people who are going through the same thing as you. It has personally helped me understand the degree of my problems and ways to alleviate it.

·      Seek Professional Help

The first and last suggestion for suicide rates soaring amongst millennials is counselling and help. If you think you need help, don’t hesitate to talk to the next available person.


Seek help at National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

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