Why Should The Tech-Savvy Millennials Write More And Text Less?

Why Should The Tech-Savvy Millennials Write More And Text Less?

Writing and texting are two entirely different genres. The feeling attached to writing on a paper and typing on a keyboard or a touch-pad gives us different mental simulations. The message exchange mediums have also transgressed a lot since the last decade and Millennials are more into texting than writing.

The Millennial Generation is more tech-savvy and wants almost everything on their fingertips. This Generation is very comfortable with digital technology, media and various forms of communication. They just want to experience everything which excites them and they want access to all the information related to it. This attribute and drive of the Millennials also make them stand out in the crowd no matter where they go and what they do. They seldom use paper and other traditional forms of communication and writing methods. However, they are interested more in customized notebooks, envelopes, planners, exquisite pens and so on. In this article, we are trying to outline the use of texting and writing preferences of the Millennials.

Use of Writing and Texting for Millennials

In the present generation of Artificial Intelligence, Ipads, phones, notebooks, laptops; the use of paper has, however, become very limited and customized. When we write or sketch on a paper there is a lot of mental stimulation in the brain, compared to the use of a digital touchpad or typing on a keyboard. When we write anything, it requires a lot of dedication and commitment, which further creates more sensations at the Cerebral level. The Millennials are very much aware of these facts and they explore this domain with utmost creativity. The use of customized planners, diaries, stick pads and so on are just examples of how the millennial generation has improvised with the use of paper.


When we write a letter or a note to anyone, the reply time is not fixed and could take days to get a reply. The effort put into writing a letter takes a lot of effort, creativity, consumes time and requires engagement. The Millennial generation usually won’t wait this long for a reply and wants everything done in minutes. This fast-paced and ever-evolving generation is moving at a very fast pace and many will find it difficult to keep up with their pace.

However, when we write we rarely edit as our thoughts are much clearer and emotions and words amalgamate beautifully in letters. Whereas when we type on a computer keyboard or touch pads of our cell phones we constantly keep editing the content we type, and this alters the original idea when you started the content.

Technology effect

If we look at the procedure of taking a photograph 10 to 15 years back, it required a dedicated Camera, flash and many aspects to just take a photo. Moreover, the processing time required to develop a photograph then consumed a lot of waiting time. This entire process has been simplified and summarized at the palm of our hands by the introduction of high-end camera lenses and apps on a cell phone.

This advancement and simplification of the photo capturing process also come with a few loopholes, as we have access to thousands of photographs the brain is overfed with so many pictures to remember. It becomes extremely difficult to remember most of the photographs due to too much data. One more example is the use of smaller diaries where we used to jot down all our phone numbers and contact names, which has also been replaced by a contact list in our cell phones and emails. I am sure we won’t remember a lot of phone numbers now like we used to remember all names and numbers earlier.

It has been proven by research around the globe that while writing a note by hand generates more neural pathways in the brain and brings more articulate and thought-provoking ideas.

What’s Cool and What’s Not

The Millennials are an educated and literate lot who know and understand many aspects and they want to rediscover paper in a more improvised way than before. There is nothing in comparison to the use of handwritten notes and the remarkable stationery in your workplace. It is very similar to the way we customize our clothes and other accessories we wear and it is an extension of ourselves in many forms. It gives meaning to the things we do and gives a feeling of contentment in our endeavors. A similar thing is when we write a note or a letter.

Writing a note to prepare your day and reminding ourselves with what needs to be done for the day, helps us streamline our thoughts and keeps us more focused than just setting an alarm on your phone for all things. This activity of penning down your plans on a paper helps you stay disciplined and gives us a more structured feel to our lives.

To summarize the article: Millennials are always gauging all aspects before getting into anything and prefer to be more tech-savvy than just following traditional forms of communication ways.

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