Work, Social Life, Sleep: How Can You Have It All

Work, Social Life, Sleep: How Can You Have It All

In this ever competitive generation, where every second there is a new advancement in every field of work, hours and hours of meticulous study and effort is being put in by every employee of every organization.

But despite the workload, social life and health also have their demands too. Proper management and distribution of time between work, social life and sleep is a major factor in a person’s life. To maintain that, the below mentioned points can turn to be useful.

1. Making a proper schedule

Keeping a record of what is to be done on a particular day and distributing different time schedules according to the work to be done is very important and can serve as a good way to maintain everything.

A diary or even a mobile app can come handy to achieve it. Doing so also ensures that nothing is missed. So, it’s an efficient way of balancing work, social life and sleep.

2. Knowing to prioritize things

Knowing how to prioritize things is very important and necessary when it comes to managing work, sleep and social life.

Whichever out of the three is of more priority should be done first while the rest can follow. Let’s say, one is allotted a certain assignment which has a deadline of 12hrs and there’s a party that he/she needs to attend.

In this case, it’ll be a well executed management idea if the assignment is completed first or at least a brief study is done beforehand so that even if the party is attended at first, it won’t be a loss of time when it comes to completing the given assignment.

3. Having good food habits

Having good food habits keeps the body fit and healthy. Fruits and green veggies add to a healthy lifestyle which in turn keeps a person active throughout the day and helps in balancing all of the work, social life and sleep.

A check on caffeine intake and alcohol consumption is necessary. Also, junk food shouldn’t be taken in large amounts as it may affect the proper and active functioning of the body.

4. Unplugging from technology for a while

In today’s world, technology is one of the best friends a man can have. Social media is highly used by almost everyone, ranging from different age groups.

While it is a great source of information, but at the same time, it is also a provider of entertainment and has succeeded in keeping people hooked to it for long periods. This may result in a shortage of time available for managing either of the three viz.

Work, Social life or sleep. So, it’s advisable to limit the time of social media usage and unplug oneself from technology and spend time with reality.

5. Doing regular exercise

Regular exercise, even if for a little time is really necessary for keeping the body fit and active. Doing so can help a person achieve a balance between work, social life, and sleep. Also, minimizing screen time, especially during bedtime is a good habit.

Recent studies have mentioned that people who have used smartphones right to their bedtimes took longer to sleep and had a bad sleep schedule. This can result in an imbalance in the day to day life. So, this is something that needs to be taken care of too.

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